Rob Johnson has a private coaching practice and, in conjunction with various domestic violence treatment agencies, counsels men that have been abusive to their partners. Rob provides coaching on a sliding scale based on your means. Sessions can be held:

  • in person
  • by phone
  • by internet voice or video call
Individual: Private Counseling
Personal Leadership Development
Domestic Violence Victim Counseling
Partner Abuse Intervention (Voluntary)
Groups: Goal Achieving for the Goal Averse
King, Warrior, Magician, Lover
Dream Work
Partner Abuse Intervention (Mandated)
Specialized Offerings: Archetypal Assessment
Clinical Assessment
Career Coaching
Family Analysis (Genogram)
I-Group Offerings: Reclaiming the Sacred Masculine
Clearings and Accountability
The Drama and Equality Triangles
Gaining Mission Clarity
Multicultural Awareness
Law Enforcement: Partner Abuse Intervention Awareness Training

Supporting Documentation

Glossary of Psychological Terms

Millon MCMI III Model for Diagnosis and Treatment

Robert Moore’s address to the New Warrior Network in July 1995:
Masculine Initiation for the 21st Century

Reclaiming the Sacred Masculine diagram

Online Assessment Instructions